Refund and Return Policy


Returns Policy

We follow a ‘no questions asked refund and return policy’ entitling our members to have products returned at delivery time, if they do not get satisfied with its “Technical Defect” or “Quality Issue”. All returned products will be taken back and credit noted issue for their value that your account on our site would be credited with. You can use it for making your subsequent shopping bill payment.
“Physical Damage or Sealed Opened Not Acceptable”
Your acknowledgement and confirmation
If a mistake on your part (like wrong address or name or other wrong information), resulting in non-delivery, then any extra expenditure incurred by for redelivery is to be claimed for you.
You are to make use of the provided services by the Site, contracted companies, consultants and affiliates, only for lawful purposes and to comply with necessary regulations and laws, when transacting and using the Site.
You are to provide in all instances, true and authentic information, when requested upon. The right to validate and confirm details and information provided at any time, by you is a right that lies upon us. In case, after your confirmation, the details have been found to be not valid (be it partly or wholly), then we have the right to reject your registration and debar from using affiliated sites and/or Services without our intimating us.
It is at your own risk that you would be accessing Services present and makes transactions on the site. Also, you are making a wise decision before entering any kind of transaction from this Site.
The address, where the product delivery is to be made is proper and correct.
You check carefully the product description, before placing the order. Once order is placed for a specific product, you acknowledge to the conditions of sales that are included within the item’s descriptions.
The Site may not be used for the following purposes:
Trying to disseminate any unlawful, libelous, harassing, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, objectionable or harmful material.
Unauthorized access gain to computer systems.
Transmitting materials which encourage conduct, constituting criminal offence or breaching any relevant code of practice, regulations and laws, or resulting in civil liability.
Breaching applicable laws,
Interfering with enjoyment or usage of the Site of other people.
Disrupting or interfering websites or networks connected to Site.
Storing, transmitting or making electronic copies of copyright protected materials, without owner’s permission.


Refund Policy

We will make refunds gladly, in case, you are dissatisfied with any non-perishable item. We will help you with all your options and make arrangements for refunds and returns.
Refunds are to be remitted to your wallets/card/accounts after verification and authentication, within 7 to 9 working days.
If “Product is Damaged” is found then amount shall not be refunded for that.
Although exchanges are not offered, you can have any refunded item re-ordered with your next order with
A refund can be requested on any product, with Perishable item being an exception. Drop a line to Customer Service team at We request you to have the products to be returned along with its original tags and packaging. In case, the products come with hygiene seal, we request you to not remove the seal, until you would like to retain it.

Our driver would help you through your order once the delivery arrives. In case, there is something that you are not satisfied with, then just hand it back to have your bill recalculated instantly. After the driver leaves, you feel, your mind is changed with regards to a product, simply call us at 1800 258 7182 and discuss your options with our friendly and talented Customer Service team.
For orders received in last 24 hours, refund can be requested through app or website. Call us on 1800 258 7182 or email us at

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